Company Info.

Terry has been in many facets of construction for the past 25 years. He started working in his grandfather's kitchen cabinet company when he was just a teenager. Sanding trim and doors was his expertise. Wanting to enjoy the great outdoors, he moved outside and became a carpenter. He also learned the trade of fabricating laminate countertops and solid-surface (like Corian) countertops. He has also run a company for the past 14 years in the storage industry.

Our approach is to assess each job individually, and work with the homeowner to get you the best solution for your situation. A great bonus to our shelving system is the easy height adjustment (no tools required!) and the ability to add additional shelves at any time in the future. Each drawer is custom made to fit in your specific cabinet--we don't have any 'stock' drawers. We can individualize drawers to have taller sides and backs to prevent items from falling behind the shelves, as well as create divided drawers for increased organization.

Please feel free to call or drop us an email to start utilizing your space better!

Terry Savoie
CEO, Master Builder
Redi Bilt, Inc.

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